Thursday, 26 July 2007

Yellow road to Ardjachie-Four cakes and a Wedding

First priority - the 'Spar'. Two baskets turned into one trolley load so we started out late. Emily was relieved it was only going to be a 7 miler which could have only been 5.5 if the Scotsburn road hadn't been closed (So that's why we couldn't find it last night!). If the workmen hadn't been there we might have attempted to master the challenge of getting over the burn but they closed the gate on us and pointed towards the sign we'd failed to notice saying "closed to pedestrians". They at least showed us the way through the woods and all was well until Tain where we had to stop for tea & sympathy. Emily was starting to feel the pain. Nobody seemed interested in serving us with either. Everyone was out on the street, including the shopkeepers. What was going on? -A Wedding. (clearly a big event in Tain)

First stop, the chemist, for blister plasters. With one eye on the church door the assistant vaguely waved us in the bandage direction & not really paying attention to our enquiry about the Info. Centre, the reply was "Nah, closed on Saturday's" (On investigation, it was open)

Next stop, the cafe, to apply blister plaster to Emily's heel & fortify ourselves for the second half. Bearing in mind it was only 2pm the choice was limited. We had some difficult decisions to make. Which cake to select from a choice of four? By the time we'd paid & to Emily's relief, sat down, "my cake" had been sold!

Uninspired by the raffle prizes on offer at the supermarket ( 1st prize-A weekend break for two in Tain, 2nd prize-2 bottles of whisky, 3rd prize-one bottle) we got out of town and on & off the A9 as quickly as possible.

Taking the first available A road, which according to the map would take us eventually to Ardjachie to rejoin the A9, we somehow ended up in the middle of Tarlogie wood on a path which eventually deteriorated into nothing but long grass going nowhere. Attempting to reach the A9 which we could clearly hear but not see, we ploughed through the undergrowth, backtracking to the farm where we'd gone wrong. Well, I didn't want to make it too much of an easy ride for her, wet feet & trousers is par for the course!

Saturday evening, in Dornoch, meant a parade of the Pipeband. Down in the square at 8pm with the rest of the crowds Charlie was getting impatient. "When are the pipecleaners coming mummy?".We tried not to laugh. Then there they were and what a splendid sight. Up and down they marched, played & twirled around the square. I don't think I've ever been this close to a bagpipe player before, it looked like jolly hard work to me. All that huff & puff, keeping in step & in time as well as keeping kilts pressed & shoes shiny!

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