Thursday, 26 July 2007

All roads lead to Scotsburn-or do they?

Me- "Why does this all sound so familiar, and why have I decided on a whim to walk with Carol again?
Emily- "Why after 21 years of holiday nightmares with Mum have I agreed to travel with her again?
Charlie-"Why do you keep turning the car round Nana?"
Ruby- "Whaaa...I'm tired & hungry"

Emily & I should know by now not to organize a trip together, especially when a plane is involved. "Operation Leeds to Dornoch" e.g. how to get me, Emily & two small children to the Highlands of Scotland had been planned to the finest detail. All went well at first. Emily arrived in Leeds, car seats were transferred, we set off for East Midlands Airport with plenty of time to spare. So far so good...Then the rain came down, visibility was appalling, accidents & road works along route meant...we were now running very late. In a panic I dropped Emily & kids at "Departures" & zoomed off towards the "Long Stay Car Park" only to realise that it was way, way, to far from the Airport. Check-in was about to close, the only option was to put the car in the "Short Stay Car Park" at £100 for 3 days this "cheap flight" was getting very expensive!
On arrival at Inverness we wasted more time trying to fit the child seats into the hire car. As instructions were in a foreign language, we were told - follow diagrams.
Carol, instead of waiting in Alness had decided to walk on into the middle of nowhere. So we left the security of the A9 & got lost in a maze of single track roads, all of which lead to Scotsburn. (hang-on, deja vu, "All roads lead to Cam, don't they?)
So, here we all were, the four of us, trying to find Carol somewhere on a yellow road near Scotsburn.
We finally found her checking her map with the some people at a farm & even they weren't sure where it was. By the time we'd reached the bungalow, tired & hungry, it was gone 8pm. I discovered, on investigation, that the "Spa" in Dornoch was closed. We had no food or drink! Not to be defeated I made sure we were all fed & watered by placing an order at the Chinese take-away & diving into the Eagle Hotel for a couple of bottles of wine. (should be enough) This was turning out to be an expensive "whim" I thought as we finally settled into bed about midnight.

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