Saturday, 28 July 2007

A Birthday Treat- walking to Golspie

What better way to spend one's Birthday than a walk with Carol?
Leaving Emily, Ruby & Charlie at the bungalow making a cake (don't tell Nana) we walked as quickly as our little legs would take us to Dornoch. We'd already earmarked the bench in the square where we were going to have our lunch. The sun was shining, by the time we'd passed the golf course & the beach, Hilary was "sold" we were seriously considering going halves on a holiday cottage. It could only get better. The scenic route" along Loch Fleet was idyllic. Hilary waxed lyrically, unfortunately I knew at the end of this it was the A9/A99 all the way to J.O.G. But, she was keen, blimey!, had she forgotten the heat, hills & hangover of the Pennine Way? I was all for calling it a day at the "Mound" but no, it was only another 3-4 miles to Golspie. Ok-true but it was uphill all the way. We compromised.
Back at the bungalow we celebrated Hilary's Birthday with a "surprise" birthday cake. and looked forward to a rest day, on the beach?

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