Saturday, 28 July 2007

The Dornoch side of Golspie to Brora- A half day

Well, the whole of the uk has experienced freak weather conditions, so we shouldn't expect -anything. Yesterday, sunny, today, cold, wet & windy. We didn't go to the beach or the playground but mooched around Dornoch until it was time to say goodbye.
One good thing we did today was spot a notice in the "Spar" A dial-a-ride bus service could, and as I found out, would, pick me up & take me to Golspie.
That's how I met Hughie. Instead of having to wait for the City Link bus heading northwards from Dornoch at 12.45, he could pick me up right outside the bungalow at 9.30.
Dropping me off at the spot where Hilary & I had compromised on I walked on into Brora happy in the knowledge that Hughie would pick me up tomorrow, same time, different place, & take me there, outside of his usual catchment area, and wanting to make a donation!
What can I say about today's walk? After a brief spell on Golspie's seafront it was a slog on the A9. I could have followed the beach further passed "Dunrobin Castle" created by the Earldom of Sutherland in 1235. but...I am a female walker on my own & when looking ahead you see two young men (without dogs) apparently chasing each other, you make the decision to stick to the road.

Walking into Brora, I came across the "Biblical Garden" It was almost like being back at the "Reflections" garden, but created in a different way. I followed the path all the way around, and stopped at the sign "To the Rainbow" Sophie would have loved it!
I managed to catch the lunchtime City Link bus back to Dornoch, where I spent the afternoon sunbathing on the beach. What a difference a day makes!

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