Saturday, 28 July 2007

Brora to Helmsdale- Big Bears & Barbara Cartland

Hughie dropped me off in the centre of Brora & I slogged my way to Helmsdale. I was determined to catch the 14.50 City Link bus, otherwise I'd have to wait in Helmsdale until 6pm. The highlight of the "slog" along the A9 was stopping in a lay-by where I met an American family, Mum, Dad, & two sons. Helmsdale, however, was another story. Welcome to "Weirdsville" In my quest to make the bus on time I arrived an hour early into what was a "ghost town" You know the film, John Wayne swaggers in through the heat & dust, the saloon doors swing in the gentle breeze... but, this was Scotland, where was everyone? At home, it was Wednesday, half day closing. This was a blast to the past. What was I going to do for an hour? Spend it in the "Mirage Restaurant" the only place open, other than the shop, which enticed customers in with promises of "lot's more inside..." I didn't make it there as the "Mirage" had me transfixed for an hour. At first, I wasn't aware of my surroundings, then I noticed to the right a stuffed bear, holding a fish. To the left Marilyn Munroe's legs supporting a tacky bright pink lampshade, and the walls adorned with photographs of Barbara Cartland. I pinched myself, twice, and made my way to the bus stop.

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