Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Conon Bridge to ...somewhere on a yellow road near Scotsburn?

The plan was to arrive in Alness about 5pm, hang around for a while, and be picked up around 6pm. However ,I'd got off to such a cracking good start this morning, it looked like I'd be there by lunchtime. Before I'd even decided if it was right or left outside the hotel, I bumped into "David" He was on his way to Dingwall (2 miles in the right direction). A plumber by trade, but also a very keen walker & climber.

Leading guided hikes around the mountains is what he does in his spare time; and when not in his van, he walks everywhere.....' Dingwall' looked quite a nice spot, I couldn't really say, as we route marched down the High Street. David certainly was "a local" to the area. He knew everyone that passed us by. (If Elaine Truman ever reads this, I have to say, you have been surpassed) He was such a nice genuine bloke, it was a pleasure to meet him.

Walking into Evanton,I'd remembered Mark Moxon saying it was the pleasant village he'd celebrated his 1000 mile landmark in. Now I couldn't do that, as I hadn't reached mine, but, I had time on my hands. What I could do with, I mused to myself, was something like the St Breward's Post Office cum Internet Cafe to while away a few hours... and Lo & behold, there ahead of me was the sweetest little cafe, (complete with check tablecloths) cum gift/charity shop, with two brand spanking new computers!

After an hour or so I reluctantly relinquished my PC to the very polite & patient teenagers waiting in the wings. They were all so nice here, run by the local church community it felt like being in the "Open Door" back home.

Alness was good. It paved my way in with beautiful gardens & a delightful church. As I paused to admire it, with perfect timing, Radio 2 announced through my earphones that they were about to play 7.5 minutes of pure bliss. Well, I might have looked a complete twit mouthing along to "Stairway to Heaven" down the High Street, but I didn't care. What was it Dad used to say on family holidays when Mum reprimanded him with a stern look, and a "George, really!" He'd always reply "It doesn't matter, we'll never see them again" and then wink & smile at me & my sisters.

So, I should have stayed there, but I didn't. No, I had the bright idea of carrying on...and on...thinking they'll easily find me on this yellow road off the a9...or would they?

Over to Hilary & Emily...

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