Saturday, 28 July 2007

Helmsdale to Dunbeath (nearly)

With no alternative now but to wait for the 12.45 bus from Dornoch, I spent the morning walking back, forth, & back again from the bungalow. If I was into cheating, which I'm not, I could have claimed I'd done 4.5 miles on top of today's trek!
I was determined to make it to Dunbeath before Dave & Lynne picked me up, but the bus was late leaving town & they'd made good time from Scarborough. At least I'd tackled the hair-pin steep decline/incline that was Berriedale before they picked me up.
Back in Dornoch, before making a decision on the property purchase, I needed to check out the deciding factor...the local. Tonight was "Bingo Night" not very exciting, & neither was the "Dornoch Inn" It was to late to try the posh pubs, we had to plan tomorrow's route. Desperate to get off the A9, I was peering over the "disused railway line as a possibility.

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