Friday, 4 May 2007

Thelma & Louise at Wookey & the Wet Flushes

Carol said we had to park in the car park on the hill with the lovely view, the one she'd missed yesterday. Not so lovely shrouded in the morning mist so we went down to the "Wookey Hole Experience" car park instead. The W.H.E. was a tacky touristy enterprise in what is a naturally beautiful area. Observing the naff names over the W.C.'s we popped into "The Witches" before we set off.
Having not been in training for very long I was worried I might not stay the distance. Carol set off at a cracking pace, hat on, stick in hand, shouting "come on Linda, it's only 10 miles, and I've got the cereal bars!"
We arrived at the "happening" village of Wookey. By Carol's definition, a happening village can be determined by the items on the Parish Noticeboard. The Agenda of the Parish Council Meetings always make for a good read. On this one they were going to discuss "The plans to build affordable housing, & what impact this would have on the village" hmmm... Anyway, having passed through a few villages on her travels, after 3 weeks in the charts, St Breward was still at no.1.
We stopped for lunch at the Yarley Fields Nature Reserve. where we discovered we were in amongst the wet flushes & the hard rushes. We weren't quite sure what they were, but we had our own wet flush before we left!
In trying to locate the next "Way" we could have done with a Samaritan or two. After a few wrong turnings, we saw the badge, on the post, and we were off on "The Samaritan Way" across some very precarious bridges, passing over the, by now familiar, Rhynes.
We passed through the hamlet of Godley. It was all very strange. One farm, one very square unattractive house, a farm and Godley Church. It was in the Norman style, but not that old. It was empty, neglected & looked like it had been locked up for years when we went to investigate, and yet some of the grave stones were well kept with fresh flowers on them. We wondered why this church was here in the middle of nowhere? Baffled, we left the Godless church for our next strange destination, Glastonbury. It was some what, what we'd expected. Crystal and magic shop and even a healing powers BnB, (that would have been an interesting night' stay). In the beautiful warm sunshine of the town square, the weird and wonderful were out in force. We were tempted to join the queue at the Town Hall, for the Pagen Frederation of Wessex Conference, the agenda looked fascinating and the queue even more so. "Mummers" (Morris Dancers) and beardy men in black shirts amongst others.
After getting a call from Beverly (of Street Fame) saying she could pick us up at the Street/Glastonbury bridge in half an hour, we made our final wrong move, as only we could. This was one of our Thelma and Louise style adventures. We took a footpath as a short cut and after ploughing through nettles we came to a hedge with a halt and there was no way out. The road we could have been on had gardens backing onto the field. We had no time to go back and there was only one thing to do. So i said "Go Louise do your stuff!" Carol shouted up and down the back of the gardens, "Help please! Can anybody help us?!" and up shot the head of a very suprised teenager, quietly sunbathing. "Quick Dad, there's a strange woman at the bottom of our garden in a orange hat and her friends wearing funny trousers." (She didn't actually say that but probably thought it.) And that's when we met The Eco-friendly Merrill family of TV fame. Mr M showed us his solar panels and as he lead us up the garden path we swapped web addresses. So we got to the bridge on time and it was good to see all the family again, including son Elliott this time.

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Jane Hunter said...

Carol, I am worried as you seem to be going backwards as well as in circles! Chris is an expert at Bristol T Meads, email me if you need more advice near there! from one of your Friends in the North, love Janexx