Friday, 4 May 2007


Feeling pretty pleased with ourselves at finding our way out of Bristol, we parked in the car park at Chew Valley Lake, and then spent an hour looking for the trail. The map didn't make sense until we realised that our car park was off the map and there were three of them! We finally set off along the Monarch Way with some beautiful views of the lake behind us. We'd picked up Taxi numbers from the Chew Cafe and decided to ring mid afternoon when we thought we knew our ETA at Wookey Hole. This was a big mistake as the 4 different numbers all turned out to be one Taxi Firm. All cars fully booked till 10pm! After much frantic phone calling we eventually found someone who could pick us up in an hour. Just as well as by this time Carol had no battery and I had no credit. We weren't even at Wookey Hole at this point, but were told to wait, where we were, at the crossroads. The "Hunter's Lodge Inn" was the most dismal place to hang out so we decided to stroll down the road to look at the secondhand cars outside a Garage, equally dismal & deserted. We did spot a bargain though. At £295, m.o.t until Oct, it was tempting. As we walked away from the Inn the signpost was swinging and creaking in the wind - It was just like a one horse town road movie. Back at the ranch we struck up conversation with a group of cavers who'd come looking for food [they must have been desperate to even think of eating here, not that it was even open anyway]. As the Taxi pulled into Chew Valley car park the driver said we'd missed the best views of the day," looking down onto Wookey Hole from Priddy - it's a stunning site" (he said) Great!

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