Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Just as I think I am off for my usual walk round the village, I get bundled into the car with Jane & Carol. Hoping this wasn't going to be a long journey I settled down for a nap. When the lead came out I knew I was going somewhere. What a fun walk this turned out to be. Running through fields with long grass, under and over stiles, and the best bit, a river! I ran in and out and shook it all about, but apparently all was not great in the human world. Jane and Carol were going backwards and forwards looking for something called the "Monarch Way". So, I was attached to the lead and had to go on a boring road. At a junction,we went one way back to the car and Carol went the other.

The Monarch Way - Part Two

Imagine finding yourself in a field, by a bridge ,with the "Monarch Way" pointing you through another field, where there was no way out, and no other markers. The South Gloucestershire budget must have been tight the year they put up the signs. Instead of the usual round metal badges, these were sticky white labels, half of which were torn away or, quite clearly, missing.
The only way to make any progress was to walk by road. I did pick up some parts of the "Way" along the route and eventually arrived at Chipping Sodbury, a pretty village, where I found the train station was a mile away in Yate, a not so pretty town. So plodding on, I finally got there and bought my return ticket to Salisbury.
I like travelling on trains. It gives me time to catch up on writing notes for the blog and replying to text messages. Jane was there to meet me at the station and I looked forward to a long soak at the end of a very long day.

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