Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Heavy Load

It was sad to say goodbye to Jane at Salisbury station the next morning. It had been relaxing and comfortable staying at her and Yvonne's houses when all I had to do at the end of a long days walk was sit down at a table and have food and drink put in front of me.I am forever grateful to both families for putting up with me & ferrying me around the South West.I could go on...the packed lunches, the walking companions...but it was back to the pack!
Saying goodbye to Temple Meads for the last time was also a wrench but it had to be done. Getting off the train at Yate was even more of a wrench, but that was to my back, as now I had to carry the 17lb rucksack again after two weeks of day walking.
It was a hot day and nothing exciting happened apart from getting lost, but I won't bore you with any more of those tales, it just meant I walked 3 miles I didn't need to do.
I just kept on walking, treating myself to a Cornetto as I was making good progress. This was the first county I'd entered on a road so stopped to take a photo. "Welcome to Gloucestershire" I chanced a short footpath across a field, to relieve the boredom of the road. "Bunsall Farm operate CCTV cameras on this land, you will be seen, named & shamed etc.." I could clearly see where I wanted to go, but chickened out. A mile down the road I tried again. "This is my livelyhood, do not stray from the footpath or my dogs will eat yours" Well! Hello Gloucestershire, you folks sure are friendly round here. I glanced to the Cotswolds Hills to my right and thought, I should be up there admiring the views, but I wasn't into punishing myself today and one less view woudn't matter in the big scheme of things. Besides, I had to be fit and energised to organise an 18th birthday in one day!
Keith was picking me up from Cam - not sure where that was, but more of that later. I found a convenient wooden bench outside a pub, took off my sweaty socks and shoes and waited, relaxing in the afternoon sunshine for him to arrive.
Three days at home were ahead of me.

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