Thursday, 12 April 2007

The first few days...

Apparently, there's a man who owns the sign at Land's End and he takes it home with him every night! And he charges £9 to everyone who has their picture taken with it!! Anyway, after waiting for the man to arrive and erect his sign so she could have her pic taken, Carol set off on Sunday morning with Jill and Kenny.

On day one they walked the twelve or so miles along the South Coast from Land's End to Penzance. Day two took them along the tough coastal path to Helston, around seventeen miles. And day three covered Helston to Veryan. In Veryan they stayed at Broom Parc which, for those of you in the know, is where they filmed The Camomile Lawn - I'm told it's a 1980's TV program and a book! It's a very beautiful place to stay and they spent their first rest day here before walking the twenty miles from Veryan to St Wenn on day five.

Apart from some badly marked trails and new motorways that aren't on the map, everything's going fine. The weather is lovely and the scenery fantastic. And they're generating alot of interest from people wanting to know what they are walking for and asking about the t-shirts.

Once Carol gets to a computer she be able to update you all on some of the tales so far and hopefully upload some pictures!

Thanks for all your support!


Alexis said...

Tyson and I wish you the best of luck with the walk. We know that you guys can do it.

The Hudsons said...

Carol, have just met uo with Gill and Kenny sounds as if you got off to a fantastic start with only minor aches and pains. Looking forwards to meeting up with you in the Peak District so keep going!love the Huddies xx