Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The approach to Bodmin Moor...

We left the warm & generous hospitality of Tregolls Farm, St Wenn, and set off along the "Camel Trail", a nice easy route to follow, very flat & very popular with cyclists. However, we had to walk it & it got rather boring after a few miles. The highlight, or should that be lowlight, of the day was being attacked by a couple of chickens, hell bent on eating our lunch. So we didn't get much of a rest & the last few miles was a steep hike up the hill to St.Brewards, our destination. This village is a really "happening" place: the Post Office cum Internet Cafe was a hub of activity where we got lot's of advice about getting over Bodmin Moor to Five Lanes. Ranging from a breezy "You'll be fine, just keep heading East, only 6 miles" to "I don't want to alarm you but the mist can come down at any moment & you have to watch out for the boggy marshes"...
Feeling rather alarmed, and keen not to think about it until the morning we headed even further up the hill to the pub - the highest Inn in Cornwall. It wasn't really worth the climb, really busy, average food & poor service. We should have got a take-away pizza from the Internet cafe (Friday's special )!


ninthskip said...

Hi Carol

Have read about your walk on Scouts.org.uk Am so thankful that my own children are fit and well, have one son going to WSJ, can only imagine what you have gone through. Have posted details on a Scouting forum I use. Good Luck from me, will keep watching.

Bernadette said...

Hello you outward bounder!

I spoke to Stephen yesterday and....... thought I was talking to Kieth!
I then spoke to Kieth later and thought .....Who am I talking to?????

loved our chat and as I said "keep to the path" and thwart that there American werewolf.(Sorry ist day back teaching.. should explain everything actually)

Emma has just walked past and sends you this heart and her love

Take care of you (We think about you and the family all the time)
Love u lots

Ian Cooper said...

I've just read about your journey and Sophie on the Scouts website and was both moved at the sad story about Sophie and equally uplifted by the undertaking you have embarked on. I wish you all the luck in the world and will be including details of your trek and fundraising in our monthly newsletter to Cubs parents. You may be interested to hear that a chap I work with and his wife have recently completed a cycle journey from the North East of England to Bulgaria and are considering how to continue to nepal in memory of their son who tragically died while treking there. They said that they got inspiration from comments on blogs like this so i hope you do too.

Good luck for the rest of the trip and the fundraising and I will be following your blog with interest