Monday, 9 April 2007

All the preperation over, Carol has finally set off! Joined by her sister Jill and brother in law Kenny, the trio have enjoyed some lovely weather over the first two days of their journey. Here's a picture of the group before they left for Lands End.

Carol will be adding to the blog whenever she gets the chance and will be adding some pictures of the journey. I'll also let you know about all the other fundraising events taking place whenever I have details, and keep you up-to-date about how much money we have raised.

If you would like to sponsor Carol on her walk use the following link:

Thank you to everyone for all your help!

Have a look at the route map to see where Carol will be walking.


Bernadette said...

hi honey looking goooooooood!!!!
Howz the feet holding out?? Make sure you eats lots nd lots nd lots - Mummy Bernadette says so......

Love you ♥

Queencat009 said...

Keep going muttibum, your off to a great start!! LOVE YOU MILLIONS AND TRILLIONS xxxx