Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Greetings from Bodmin Moor

We said our hurried goodbyes to the hostess at the B & B, as she was dashing off to the the Brownie Pantomime, and left St Brewards under a cloudless sky. The Moor was easy & well marked at first. Jill left Kenny & I at "King Arthur's Hall" which historians, like Jill, get enthused about but was just a pile of old stones to me. I was happy to go onwards & eastwards on my own but Kenny woudn't hear of it, and thank goodness he didn't. The footpath disappeared & just as we were wondering what to do next, this serious hiker (he had all the equipment, map case, compass, and two walking sticks!) appeared out of the mist & said"Are you lost?" He knew the Moor & we were glad of it. He guided us up & around "Brown Willy" at the pace of a mountain goat and we were on our way. We were fine for a while, until we started climbing into the mist when (according to the map) we shoudn't have. We were worried, it was 5pm & we needed "Two Sticks", but he was long gone. We climbed to the top, heard, then saw, the A30 & figured out where we were. We eventually arrived in Five Lanes at "The Kings Head" pub. Jill met us at the door, showered, refreshed & with a glass of wine in her hand.


Lex said...

sounds like you are making great time. IIt sounds like its a wonderful area to walk.

Bernadette said...

That is incredible; you have just brought back some very funny memories. When Chris and I were in our twenties another 8 friends and us were in that part we climbed Brown Willy (too funny the thought) we climbed and we climbed to find it wasn't Bl...y Brown Willy at all but Bl...y Rough tour (as if we were bothered about climbing for God's sake!!)You can be assured we drowned our sorrows!!

Bryony said...

Good luck Carol! You're doing so well and I'm sure Sophs really proud of you! Hope the weather stays good for you and hopefully see you when you come home early may!
Lots of love, Bryony x x x