Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Glasgow to Tadworth via Scarborough

Where's the logic in this? Single fare from Glasgow to York. (3 hours 20 mins) £11.00.(a bargain) Single fare from York to Scarborough. (45 mins) £10.90.(not)
After congregating at Lynne's house for a buffet supper, we all went off later to the Kareoke. A great time was had by all. It was thrilling to see the local Scarborough star "Eddy EverYoung" making a surprise guest appearance,although I didn't realise he had a younger brother, who stunned us all with his rendition of "Born to be wild" Raffle prizes were auctioned & even "Eddy's" wig was sold for £20. As "The olds" retired to bed about 1pm, the younger cousins went clubbing. From Gavin (32) down to Caitlin (18) & their friends (plus wig) they descended on Scarborough.
A long tiring journey home to Tadworth,those not driving slept all the way.
I'd come home to see a preview of Caitlin's Art & Photography exhibition. Not only did we see the artwork, the caretaker proudly showed us his waxed leg he'd had done for "Sophie's Fund" during the schools charity fortnight. As we drove back down White Horse Drive for the last time, I realised this was the end of the school era, three years too soon.
Getting back to Glasgow much quicker by plane, I was soon back in the flat preparing for the next stage "The West Highland Way"

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