Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A rest day at "The hairdressers" in Stanhope

Keith had to drive back to Surrey today but before he left we went into Hexham, the town where he grew up. It's a market town, pleasant to walk around in the sunshine but as per usual we ended up in the library. A pretty impressive one as well. We sorted out our plans for "The West Highland Way" & had lunch.

He dropped me back in Stanhope where I'd planned to use "The Library", again! (couldn't get on to the "blog" in Hexham) According to the OS map there was one in Stanhope, We stopped to ask the lollipop lady but she didn't know about it. Her friend said "were you wanting to get your hair done?" strange comment I thought, until she added, "only, what used to be the library is now the hairdressers"

Taking Angela's advice we went to "The Durham Dales Centre" where she thought they might have one. They did, just the one, but it was free, moneywise as well! So I spent my afternoon on it.

I was cooking dinner tonight. A novel experience for me after all this time so I picked up my ingredients from the Co-Op & made my way back to the house. Hilary, my old school friend, was arriving tonight & I was looking forward to seeing her again.

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