Thursday, 14 June 2007

Blanchland To Hexham, not on the "Glorious Twelfth"

Despite going to bed at midnight we left Blanchland at 9.15 am under overcast skies. Walking across the moor was well signposted, we just followed the white posts. This was the difference between Durham & Northumberland County Councils. We saw a cute brace of baby grouse, glad that they were unaware of "The glorious twelfth.

Through Slaley Forest, we stopped for lunch at "Devils Water" A chance to dip our feet as by now it was getting hot. In the heat, walking on a road, hair pin bends & boy racers were not a good combination. We were relieved to get back in the shade after Linnets Bridge (a very old & charming bridge-with my "dream" home perched right next to it. I'll have to dream on, as I'd never afford it!

The last stretch into Hexham was a delightful walk through "Half Mile Woods" Courtesy of the "Woodland Trust" Rhodedendrons bordered the well laid path.

We were dying for a cup of tea so fell upon the first "Caff" we came to. Not the most attractive "Greasy Spoon" over looking a car park. We were joined on the bench by some hefty bikers. They were uncomfortably close so quickly draining our cups we looked at what else Hexham had to offer. Round the corner was a pretty square, bistro's & cafe's were opposite the "Old Town Gaol" Still, we only paid 65p. at the "Naff Caff"

Hilary (Sister) and Peter (Angela's partner) picked us up. Back in Stanhope we sat in the garden in the evening sun. "The Boddington Babes" were re-united (me, Hilary, little Hilary & Angela) & we reminisced about our teenage escapades until the sun went down.

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