Friday, 22 June 2007

Melrose to Walkerburn - At speed!

On the bus at 9.30am back to St. Boswell, armed with a new OS map, purchased from the bookshop. I wasn't taking any risks today! It was a shame to have to wizz in & out of Melrose so quickly, it looked like a really nice town to explore...but feeling much fitter & fresher after a good night's sleep I needed to be off.
I decided to set myself a target of getting back into Melrose by 11.30, stop for a coffee, and continue on. I made it by 11.00! Galashields by 1pm. I was on a roll, making up for yesterday, I stopped to buy a sandwich, & picked up the "Southern Upland Way" out of town-in the wrong direction! Fortunately it didn't take me long to realise my mistake & I was back on track, over the hill onto the long minor road into Walkerburn.
It was windy, wet & cold on this last stretch & when Ruth passed me by (on her way to Melrose to pick up my rucksack) it was tempting to get into the car, but no, I was going to get to my planned destination today. Walkerburn sounded like an attractive place. It wasn't. As I waited for Ruth to pick me up I read the information board outside The Memorial Hall, a once attractive building, now very run down. Historically, it's the same old story. Industry (in this case Tweed Mills) creates the need for houses, schools, shops, pubs, community centres & a railway. Now, 100 years later, with the mills closed, it's a gloomy place with no life left in it.
Back in Peebles Ruth cooked a lovely meal & with Roy, we discussed routes for tomorrow while we waited for Seonaid & Emma to arrive

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