Monday, 18 June 2007

Jedburgh to Melrose - Via St Boswells & St Boswells

When I started this walk I didn't want to stop. I had a time schedule & I wanted to stick to it. The only thing that could alter that was injury or illness. Today it was the latter.
I had a dreadful night with an upset stomach, skipped breakfast for a lie in to catch up on sleep thinking "How am I going to get to Melrose in this state?" Feeling very sorry for myself, I remembered the pain & sickness Sophie had gone through so bravely, so I got myself out of bed, pulled up my bootstraps & set off. She K.B.O'd & so must I.
Walking without an OS map was not sensible but I'd been to the T.I.C. & thanks to Joyce, who bent over backwards to help me I was armed with all I needed for "The St. Cuthberts Way" and all would have been fine if I'd stuck to it. But no, I thought I'd be clever & shave off that wiggly bit of the "Tweed" & go to St Boswell. After marching down the busy A road for two miles, going down a B road for another mile I picked up the S.C.W. but not St Boswell. Four miles later I came out of the wood into...St Boswell! I could have wept. It was 7pm, the landlady was waiting for me to arrive as she wanted to watch the "Pipers" & I was still five miles away. Cold, tired & hungry I waited for a bus to Melrose eating the most disgusting pizza I'd ever eaten. It tasted of kebab, unsurprisingly, as it came from the take-away kebab & pizza shop - the only place open in what was another dismal town. I'd tried to like Jedburgh, but I couldn't. Maybe it was the weather, but it seemed so desolate.
Even in my sorry state Melrose looked more interesting, but for tonight I needed a bath & bed.

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