Friday, 1 June 2007

It's all about locks

Carol & Keys turn out to be a bad combination.Over the course of three days she rescued a woman from the loo at the Youth hostel,locked us out of the room at the first B&B and broke the lock in the second. Guess who was key monitor after that? On the theme of locks we abandoned the Pennine Way, the weather, and lack of enthusiasm on my part for hills, diverted us to Howarth and the Bronte Parsonage.

In order to cover the same mileage we went on the Worth Valley steam railway. As I ran down the platform at Oakwood shouting " Daddy, Daddy my Daddy!" the bemused guard asked " 'ave ya lost someone?" failing to recognise my acting prowess as Roberta in the "Railway children" (it was the location for the film).

Back to the locks. This is the point where we picked up the Leeds to Liverpool canal ( very Flat). After a few miles, I managed to lead Carol astray at the first pub we came across. This was on the pretext that the B&B were not answering and as we were only 2 miles from the destination we needed to wait in convivial srroundings. When we finally arrived we had missed last orders for meals at the local, but the land lady offered to drive us to another the pub. " It's only a mile down the road". She had a strange concept of distance as it was along 2 1/2 mile walk back only managed by the fortification of good food and wine.

Onto Malham after a hearty breakfast and the promise of a short cut to pick up the Pennine Way. We got lost in the first half mile, then we got lost again but as Carol said " It depends on the shape of trees according to the map' and she worked it out in the end..The rain fell, the wind blew, and we ended up in a tea house giving us time to plan the route for the next day, abandoning the Pennine Way yet again.

Dr Who,the Tardis and dinasours are not the normal local residents but it was Bank Holiday Monday and the Annual Safari Trail in Malham.Carol a quiz enthusiast wanted to join in but we needed to plan how to get from the Pennine Way across to the Ribble Way without cheating. £26 for a taxi was too much so we just had to walk.But more imminently we had to escape from the bedroom where we were locked in.
The only way out was through the window. We'd planned to walk up to Malham Cove before dinner but the effort of climbing through the window took us straight to the pub, where suprisingly there was a computer! We spent the evening eating, drinking & "blogging" hence the reason why I am now, 3 days later, proof reading what we wrote.

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