Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Mission Accomplished!

So, now it's all over. It has been an amazing adventure, not quite "the lark" it was depicted to be. This was a blog , after all, not a personal diary. There were some high points, of course, but some very low ones as well. However,I have fulfilled my promise to Sophie, and I know, through many things that happened along the way, that she was walking beside me, every step of the way. Together, and with the overwhelming support and generosity of so many people, we have achieved what we set out to do. "To try and help other children not to have to go through what she did" (her wishes)

To more than double the original target is a major achievement,(with still more fundraising events to ahead!) So, it's to all of you who have made his happen in so many different ways, I say a HUGE thankyou.

Many people have helped and supported me on this journey. To be able to start on April 8th (Sophie's 15th Birthday) meant there was little time to prepare ahead. So I would like to thank...

My three sisters , not only during the walk, but since April last year they have given Me, Keith & the girls imeasurable support.
Jill, for providing me with a bolt hole & preparing me mentally & physically for the challenge ahead
Hilary, for playing the role she's always played in my life, looking after me.
Lynne, for being my best friend, always there for me when I've needed her. During this walk, on the end of a phone (thank goodness for mobiles!)

Stephen, for setting up this blog in the first place (even though it's been a pain) for being my PA and Press Officer, and just saying "I'll deal with it" when I got in a panic

Bernadette, for producing the T Shirt design, and getting them printed A.S.A.P.!!

Liz, for doing a stirling job as "OS Map co-ordinator" back at base camp.

The Scout Association, whose kind and generous members, helped with transportation, many times at the last minute, and sometimes for many miles! As I write, "The World Jamboree" is in full swing, I'm so glad the sun is shining on you all.

The Hosts, who provided me with a bed, food , transportation and most importantly-a base.
Gary & Yvonne in Ottery St Mary, Devon
Jane & John in Whiteparish, Wiltshire
Andy & Jo in Nottingham
Jane & Neil in Sheffield
Rachel & Andy in York
Chris & John in the Yorkshire Dales
Ruth & Roy in Peebles
Angela & Peter in Stanhope, County Durham
Mari-Anne in Edinburgh
Margaret in Glasgow
Chip on the "Great Glen Way"
Hilary in Dornoch

The Walkers- (and three dogs) for sharing this journey with me. It has been, for me, more about people than places.
Jill & Kenny in Cornwall
Yvonne, Gary, Nathalie, Stephanie, Danielle, Charlotte, Matt & Barney in Devon & Somerset Jane in Somerset & Avon and The West Highland Way
Linda (Thelma) from Wookey Hole to Street
"Meg" on the Monarch Way
Lauren & Caitlin in Somerset & on the Pennine Way, in the Dales/County Durham
Hilary & Maurice in the Cotswolds. Hilary on The Pennine Way, Northumberland & the Highlands, Scotland
Keith in Worcestershire, The Yorkhire Dales, The West Highland Way & The last day
Clare & Bryony in Staffordshire
Liz & Cathy in Staffordshire
Caroline & Gemma in Staffordshire
Emma in Derbyshire
Jane, Beverley & Glenda on the "dreaded" Pennine Way, Derbyshire
Sally on the Pennine Way in the Dales (with a digression!)
Andy & Claire back on the Pennine Way in the Dales
John on the Pennine Way in the Dales/County Durham
"Little" Hilary & Jenny in Northumberland
Ruth, Seonaid, Emma, "Angus & Katie" in The Borders
Margaret & Gavin on the Edinburgh to Glasgow Canal
Stephen on The West Highland Way
Chip, Ann & Linda on The Great Glen Way
Emily in the Highlands
Lynne & Dave in the Highlands
and last, but by no means, least...Orange hat, rucksack & stick. Unfortunately we parted company with "stick", and no, I didn't lose it, it broke! - consigned to the refuse bins at the Glasgow flat.

What I would have liked to have done John O Groats is turn around & walk all the way back to Cornwall, but I had to go home & be a wife and mother. So my final, and greatest thanks must go to Lauren & Caitlin for letting "Mutti" go on this mad venture, and to Keith, who knew he couldn't stop me. However, to go with his blessing (and the credit card) made all the difference.
So, that's all folks, apart from a photo display (hopefully-if I can manage to do it) Thankyou for reading my blog. There will be updates on the fundraising of course and I hope we can REALLY make a difference...K.B.O.


Lex said...

congrats on finishing this amazing trip. I know Sophie is smiling down at you.

mattmann81288 said...

well very well done for completing this mamoth trek

im matthew mann i new sophie through emma ryan and family

she will be in my families hearts for ever and will never be forgotten

i believe that you deserve a medal for what you have done for this appeal well done!!!!!!!!!!