Friday, 22 June 2007

Edinburgh to Linlithgow- Catching up

Waving goodbye to Seonaid, Emma, Ruth & the dogs on the outskirts of Edinburgh It was a pleasant stroll through the woods alongside of the river for about 2 miles until reaching Slateford & the beginning of the Canal (My starting point for the next walk) So from here I hopped on a bus into the city (only £1!) & met Mari-Anne at the Haymarket Station. As she escorted me back to her flat we chatted about old times & how I was looking forward to seeing Margaret (her mum) the next day. Luckily for me one of her flat mates had just moved out so I had a huge double bedroom all to myself.
I was up & out on the streets of Edinburgh at 8.30 am. It was exciting to be in a city again after all this time & I love this place. I strolled around in the sunshine but also spent far too much time in the library, as usual.
Margaret & I had so much to catch up on I don't remember a lot about the walk. We talked non stop all the way. Just as well it was along the canal & didn't involve map reading. We did make a detour on the road towards the end to cut out some mileage. Not a great idea as it was a very busy and very hilly road.
The train back to Edinburgh was all of 10 minutes! I like this fast, efficient & cheap transport network. Getting to & fro between here & Glasgow was going to be easy.
That evening we met up with Gavin (Nephew) who'd come from the Ukraine, via Surrey, up to Edinburgh to join me on the next leg. Choosing to go to a restaurant in Rose Street with Margaret & Mari-Anne looking smart I thought I'd better make an effort. It felt strange wearing a skirt (Mari-Anne's) for the first time in months.

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