Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Upton to Worcester

After putting In my complaint to the Tewkesbury Tourist Information Centre about the state of the "Severn Way" Keith & I set off with a clear straight path ahead of us! So whoever comes to mow the path from Tewkesbury, they need go no further than Upton upon Severn. It was an easy route to follow along the river. We kept to the river for most of the way apart from a trek through a pretty village & some woods. Deep in the middle of it all we were trying to find our way back to the river when we came across a tent. All on it's own in the middle of nowhere. Keith thought he'd heard or read somewhere about a guy who lives in a tent & commutes up to London every day and was convinced this was his place, but I wasn't so sure. Where did he hang up his smart suits & shirts? Back along the riverside we saw a Paddle Boat Steamer passing by with only a few passengers. As there wasn't a lot of "traffic" on the river that day, it was amusing to see the big "motorway" signs along the route directing the way the boats should go. We managed to dodge the dark clouds all day until we reached Worcester & then the heavens opened. Waiting, in the pouring rain, outside the cathedral for our lift back to the car, we watched the pigeons swooping round looking for food. It was a poignant memory for us. "Mary Poppins" was the last film Sophie watched.
The Manager from "Wickes" at Worcester (thanks Jonathan) picked us up, Keith dropped me back at the guest house and I finally, after passing through Exeter, Salisbury & Tekesbury, went into a Cathedral. I picked the right moment. The Choristers were practising for Evensong, it was such a beautiful sound in a wonderful place. I lit a candle for Sophie & left my message in the book.

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