Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Longest Day

This was going to be a tough day. 20 miles from Worcester to Bewdley, but it was along the"Severn Way" It hadn't been too difficult to follow yesterday & so I set off with a determined stride (having first popped back to the O2 phone shop to ask why I couldn't pick up a reception on the radio on my snazzy new all singing, dancing contract phone. The bemused young assistant explained, painstakingly, that it would help if I unravelled the cord!) Now I was in business, tuning in to Radio 4 I plugged in & plodded on up the river & out of Worcester passing some very swanky riverside homes on the way. On the radio all the talk was about Tony Blair & the announced resignation. MP's past & present gave their views on his time at no 10. what he'd achieved or not, depending on which side they were on. Another interesting report was on Devon & how it want's to be known as the "Green County" I'm all in agreement, they should be promoting themselves as more than just cream teas. The best programme though was the one about pop music & how songs affected teenage lives over the generations, that was right up my street.
Talking of streets, I headed for them after about 15 miles of ploughing through the fields & woods along the river. It was getting wet & boring. The only interesting interludes were firstly meeting Tracey & her dogs. We struck up a conversation for a while & she was interested in what I was doing & why. It would have been nice to have company for a while, but she was going one way & I, the other. Then, secondly, feeling a bit low & fed up I crossed a stile, just like any other of the other hundred I must already have crossed. But on this one was a sign. it said, "On a Rainbow Trail, walk on a trail of song and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist over a Rainbow Trail" heartened by this, I walked on, knowing that Sophie had come to help me out of my "dark mist"
The last few miles were hard, I thought I'd never reach Bewdley. Finally there,I met my first friendly "Brummy" the first of many. He took me all the way to the B & B when I'd only asked the way & I collapsed thankfully into my room.
On the advice of the landlady I went to the "Pack Horse" pub up the road. She said it would be ok to eat there on my own & it was. She booked me a table as it gets busy & I know why. The food was really good & better still it was a "no smoking" establishment. As I went to the bar to pay I struck up a conversation with a lady at the bar & the next thing I knew she'd bought me another drink & by the time I'd told her all about the walk, it was closing time. We booked a table for the next night & with difficulty I found my way back to the B & B
The next day was a rest day, just as well as I was feeling a bit hungover. After breakfast I did my usual rest day stuff. The laundry & the Library. Bewdley was an interesting place. It had a museum & a "Town Trail" the first I planned to visit, the second I planned to do. I did neither, stuck at the computer again! I did get to walk through the Jubilee Gardens & around the town & riverside. A lot of work has gone into improving & protecting the riverside & there were some very attractive apartments & houses.
I went to the pub to meet my "new friend" & as it was Friday night it was packed. By the time I left, before closing time, my friend had told everyone about my walk. Comments ranged from "Are you mad" to "You can get a bus or train out of here, you know" but they all wished me well, & lot's of luck.
After remembering to lock the front door behind me this time I retired to my room.
I was sorry to leave Bewdley & the guest house , The friendly owners turned on the computer so I could show them the web page & encouraged by the comments & donations I waited round the corner for Clare & Bryony to arrive. Another day, another destination & I was looking forward to it & meeting up with them.

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