Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Carol Clare and Bryony on the Bewdley to Kilver trail

My Mum and I met Carol at Bewdley on Saturday morning to start our walk to Kinver 9 miles away. After a quick loo stop, we set off along a path which bordered a disused railway line. We heard several steam trains run by local enthusiasts go past along the way, which an unfamiliar sound was especially living in Tadworth.
Light rain started falling almost immediately and we could tell it was going to be one of those days of taking raincoats on and off. A friend had leant my Mum the choice of 3 raincoats for me, and I managed to leave all of them in the car, which turned out to be a big mistake.
At the end of the lane we entered a field and had a full view of the fast flowing river Severn. A group of girls were sitting under a tree, and Carol asked them if they were doing DofE, they were so like us they were a bit unlucky with the weather.
We ate our sandwiches on a bench overlooking the river and took shelter in a pub for half an hour and had a coffee. By now the rain was coming down quite heavily but we were still enthusiastic to set off again.
We decided to walk through the woods, rather than take the road because we thought it would be a bit more fun, even though we knew our trainers would soon be caked in mud. In Shatterford woods, we came to a gate which mentioned “Staffordshire” on it, so we realised we were crossing over into another County.
Back on the roads we saw the usual country scenes once again of sheep and cows grazing in the fields. We spotted a National Trust sign which related to Kinver Edge, a high sandstone ridge which offers views across surrounding counties; it also mentioned the famous Holy Austin rock houses. Mum and Carol decided they would definitely like to return and see them one day.
As we headed into Kinver itself, we could hear a band playing and we were surprised but delighted at such a welcome. In fact Kinver was having its May Fair which was just drawing to a close, although the High Street was still packed with people.
We walked ¼ of a mile the wrong way, before realising Kinfayre Bar & Bistro where we were staying was at the other end of the High Street.
All 3 of us were glad to put our feet up and a cup of tea in our room was just what we needed.
Carol put us to shame with how fit she was but we just about managed to keep up. The walk didn’t seem as long as I thought it would, but I suppose that’s because we were talking the whole time which made time pass a lot more quickly.
The walk was great fun, but our feet were really aching, and to think that Carol had done 19 ½ miles the day before!

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