Thursday, 26 April 2007

Steph's walk with Carol & her Mum

I joined Carol and my mum on the walk today, after getting back from Switzerland yesterday. We set off from Greenham and found the footpath straight away. After walking along the path for a while we had to cross some fields where we saw lots of sheep, cows and we even got followed for a while by a horse that eventually had to stop following us when we went over a stile. Then we went through more fields of long grass where mine and Carol’s feet got a bit wet so it was lucky that we took a wrong turn and ended up in the centre of Wellington, instead of just outside it so that Carol could buy some new dry socks. Then we had a quick coffee at a cafĂ© and I realised that I had left the compass behind by some toilets, wo0ps but luckily I remembered where I had put it down and it wasn’t very far away so I walked back to get it. After the coffee we walked along a road for a while and ended up walking along by the river and past a weir, we entered Taunton under a big black cloud but luckily we just managed to miss the rain!

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Seonaid said...

Well done. Steph - how do you get the energy to do the things you do.

Carol - remember, put your best foot forward. I have a story to tell you about that phrase . . when I see you